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Danish designer Anne Sofie Madsen showed-off her extraordinary training in her Fall/Winter 2016 collection, a tribute to Elvis Presley. It’s not surprising the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts graduate took inspiration from the Mississippi born rock star, given she honed her craft with fashion’s creative greats Galliano & McQueen. Madsen, in her trademark style of mixing male and female elements, embodied all that Presley stood for: artistry, glamour and above anything else individuality in a time of bubblegum flavor boy-bands. “What inspired me for this collection is the fact that Elvis was a twin, but his twin brother died minutes before he arrived the world. Also, his great-great-grandmother was a Native American from the Cherokee Indians,” Madsen stated. The collection featured a mainly tan-infested color scheme complete with tulle, leather and suede. Presley’s iconic style, as well as his Cherokee Indian heritage, were evident throughout the collection. The avant-garde use of ruffles and pinstripes accentuated the female body. The center of the collection surrounded the presence of outerwear worn as the main item of clothing. Madsen didn’t disappoint in terms of artistry, allowing her imagination to run away with her. She featured fraying seams and kept the lapels and epaulets oversized. In similar fashion to her previous collections, Madsen presented both feminine and masculine aspects. However, the presence of Elvis Presley provided a more statuesque aroma to this collection, particularly via the floor length coats, prints and use of fur.

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