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When you think of Portugal, fashion may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but Portuguese designer Alexandra Moura certainly helps put Portugal on the fashion map for her out of the ordinary designs.

Alexandra Moura debuted her self-named brand back in 2002 and continues to kill it on the runway with her peculiar pieces that are carefully constructed to refinement.  With her, anything goes, which makes it that much more compelling to observe her collections. There are no boundaries when it comes to her design technique, which is easily seen in her newest collection, which was inspired by the Witches of Hadramaut.

For her Autumn Winter 2014 collection, her color palette was mostly dark colors, consisting of black, grays and navy blues, giving an overall gloomy feel. The silhouettes were loose and flowing. Nothing was constricting, giving it a very relaxed look.  The pop of color was in the socks. She used red, pink, teal and blue, which was a nice change of pace, making the shoes stand out. The shoes designed were a collaboration with Goldmund, which is a well-known Portuguese shoe company. The most captivating pieces were the oversized wood jewelry that gave the collection a naturalistic vibe, and the tall conical shaped hats that made me instantly think of a witch’s hat.

Overall, this collection was interesting to see how she translated the Witches Of Hadramaut who are intriguing and mysterious into a collection that was easily wearable and enchanting to the eye.

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